Care Services
We provide a service that enables you to remain in your own home or the community with the help and support you require to fit your needs and choices.

Our services are Outcome Based and Person Centred, the care plans are monitored and reviewed regularly or as necessary as your needs change, so that we continually meet your requirements.
We will help you or your family to be more in control, making a positive contribution to your life, strengthening your family and communal ties. A comprehensive range of domiciliary and outdoor activities has been designed to help you experience fulfilling and happier days.

Jays offers a variety of support options, as you need it and when you need it. We provide a bespoke service designed to enable you to remain as independent as possible.

Our priority is to select a carer with whom you feel completely comfortable; this is a joint decision that you can change at anytime in the program.

Basic tasks:
Assisting service users to get up
Assisting service users to go to bed
Dressing and undressing
Personal hygiene – toileting, washing, bathing, shaving, hair care and oral hygiene
Assistance with eating and drinking
Continence management
Changing catheter bags
Caring for the terminally ill
Sitting services
Respite service

Social activities
Escorting services
Reablement and rehabilitation
Dementia care and mental health services
Light household cleaning
Laundry and ironing
Shopping, collecting pensions and similar chores
Preparing meals and helping with eating
Handyman, driver, gardener, etc…

Special Tasks:
Colostomy and stoma care
Peg feeding
Mouth care
Pressure area care
Assisting with eye or ear drops
Enabling, prompting, assisting and administering medication
Jays Homecare specialises in the provision of care for the elderly, people with mental health needs, people with disabilities including dementia (mild & moderate), Parkinson’s disease, motor neuron disease & terminal illness. Jays has also expertise on services for users with sensory impairments, history of alcohol and drug abuse, eating disorders and palliative care. In addition, Jays Homecare provides top quality services for children with disabilities and their families, children with complex needs, i.e. nebulisers, peg feeding, stoma care, etc.
Jays Homecare Profile
“With over 40 different nationalities of carers providing care to Clients from over 30 different nationalities...diversity is our specialty”

In today’s multicultural society we pride ourselves on being able to match your Needs.“
Seasonal News
Heatwave and Personalisation
Personalisation of social care is currently one of the key areas of interest in UK healthcare. The launch of the ‘Putting People First’ initiative in 2007 was promoted as a cornerstone of government policy of ‘Putting People First’.
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A heatwave warning has been issued for England and Wales, with temperatures in some areas potentially rising as high as 32C (90F) in the coming days.
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