We understand there is no place like home, so our ultimate goal is to ensure that you or your family member is able to remain at home as independent as possible.

You are the focus of our attention, whether you need an occasional or longer-term support.

We ensure that the service provided is satisfactory and meets your needs by working closely with you and your relatives to develop a care programme designed to cater for your needs. This is performed in a manner that encompasses your right to exercise choice and control over your daily lives and activities. You will be given the opportunity to select freely from an array of options available.

At Jays we can offer stimulating events and outings to make your life happier and more rewarding. Whether you want to go shopping or attend a social event, carnivals or religious festivals We will support you during these outdoor activities.



At Jays, individuals with dementia are not treated as 'dementia sufferers' but as people who happen to have dementia and therefore, first and foremost, treated and valued as a person.

Coping with dementia not only includes dealing with the patients themselves, but also considers the families around them. It is an emotional roller-coaster experienced by all concerned, including carers. We ensure that our carers are equipped with an understanding of person centred care for people with dementia so that they are able to respond to challenging situations in the most appropriate and supportive manner.

Our staff is encouraged to look to the people themselves, beyond their behaviours and symptoms. By taking the time to understand the needs and emotions of the person, the staff is able to achieve deeper insight into their individual experience of dementia.

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