Jays offers standard homecare, respite and comprehensive community outreach and a range of day services.

Our Central principle is:

“…that people with learning disabilities have the same rights as any other citizen and services should be designed to ensure social inclusion, promote independence and develop choice and control over their lives.”

Our main objectives are:

  • To maintain their independence
  • To achieve personal recovery, and empowerment
  • To use the ‘Gentle teaching approach’ that seeks to help people feel “safe, engaged, unconditionally loved and loving” towards their support staff.

A comprehensive range of domiciliary and outdoor activities has been designed to help you experience fulfilling and happier days, including going to work, attending college or social events.



Jays’ staff are trained to continually listen and learn about what is important to you now and in the future, and to act on this in partnership with you, your family other professionals involved in your care.

Our Staff undergoes training on Autism (recognition, understanding and how to respond to following symptoms: stereotypy, compulsive behaviour, ritualistic behaviour, restricted behaviour, self- injury) and Learning Difficulties (understanding the types and symptoms, responding to attention deficit, ‘gentle teaching’).

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